Welcome to the Official Larson Guitar Registry!

Through these pages, we hope to acquaint you with two of the most extraordinary craftsmen that the world has ever witnessed:  Carl and August Larson.  Beginning in the late 1800s and working through the early 1940s, the brothers produced an absolutely astounding array of instruments, including guitars, mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos and mandobasses, ukuleles, tiples and mandolinettos, too.  From the very beginning, in George Gruhn’s words, the Larsons built “exceptional instruments,” handmade in the truest sense of the word; Chicago neighborhoods like the Larsons’ did not receive electricity until the 1910s.

We dedicate these pages to those craftsmen and their instruments.  Through our Registries, we hope both to collect additional information about their legacy in craft and to begin assembling that information for a final, even more definitive edition of The Larson’s Creations.

So, peruse our pages.  We hope that you enjoy them.  And, if you own a Larson instrument, please email us with photographs of it to include in our Registries.  Together, we can honor the Larson heritage.

Thank you.

Robert Carl Hartman & John Thomas